Case Studies

Covid Tech Support was created at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic to provide award-winning digital help to those who urgently need it. With our community of over 1500 talented volunteers, we've been able to rapidly deliver over 200 projects that have made a critical difference to individuals, charities and non-profits who are struggling.

Here are the some of the problems our amazing team have already helped tackle.

  • Crisis

  • Mencap

  • Afyah

Helping Afyah move their service to digital and get funding

Afyah is an Arabic word which means holistic health and wellbeing. The Afyah Support Group was created by Khadija Ahmed from South East London to prevent and alleviate the isolation of underprivileged women from all social and ethnic backgrounds. Through organising social events, fitness sessions, mental health workshops and incubating female entrepreneurs, Afyah has supported and empowered thousands of BAME women. 

The quarantining measures brought about by Covid-19 meant that Afyah could no longer organise their support services at a time when its community were losing their basic livelihoods. It also meant that Afyah could no longer fund itself through its markets and tea socials. What had been organised as a social collective for years now had to go digital or else it may not survive. 

The Solution:

A team of code4covid volunteers helped to keep Afyah running by 1) training Afyah volunteers to use digital tools, 2) carrying out an online survey of its community to understand their Covid-19 needs and 3) using the survey findings to help Afyah put together bids for grant funding

A team with diverse skills to help those championing diversity

Afyah discovered Covid Tech Support through a mutual aid group on Facebook and asked for any support we could provide. We wanted to make sure we provided the right support, so a member of our community, Emily Bazalgette, experienced in user research spoke with Khadija to create a roadmap for going digital. Using this, we placed a call out to our volunteers and after an enthusiastic response we had a team skilled in digital service design, web apps, copywriting and business analysis ready to help. After several months of collaboration, the team helped Afyah get online, survey their members and are now working on funding bids in order to keep Afyah going. 


I came across Covid Tech support through a Facebook advertisement. All the volunteers have been exceptional, professional and friendly. The project will have a great impact in restructuring and securing the organisation from imminently closing down.

Khadija Ahmed Founder of Afyah Support Group

My experience with the project has been really positive, Khadija is an incredible person and it’s a privilege to work with her.  I’d like to continue working with Khadija for as long as she’d like.

Emily  Bazalgette Covid Tech Support volunteer

Keeping support networks going when they're needed the most

Covid Tech Support's aim is to support those supporting others during the Covid-19 crisis. Our community volunteers aren't just technical, we have a diverse skillset that includes business, design, project management and more.

Every day, our volunteers are lending their professional skills and experience to projects that are leading the way in supporting others. So far, we've helped over 200 organisations by connecting them to tech volunteers who can help them overcome any digital issue or project.

If you need help during the Covid-19 crisis, then let us know here. Or you can help us reach those who may need our help by following us on social media. Or if you have valuable technical skills, join us today.